Less Stress, More Joy!


No matter your circumstances, you deserve and have access to
less stress and more joy in your life!

I can teach you how to tap into your own innate health, which will enable you to approach every area of your life with more wellbeing.

Having trouble with any of these areas? 
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Life Balance
Work Issues 
Yo-Yo Dieting
Eating Disorders

​Innate Health is the idea that all people are inherently whole. Regardless of circumstance, genetics or past experiences, all humans continue to possess the capacity for mental health and well being. It is not necessary to acquire this ability because it is inborn and innate. It is your default setting.

ya Parkoff is an inspiring motivational speaker, educator and personal development coach. She has devoted her personal and professional life to inspiring others to become the best they can be. She holds a post-bachelors degree in K-12 Education, is a professionally trained Certified Professional Life Coach,  holds a certificate in Nutritional Counseling from the Cooper Institute, is a Childbirth Educator and Certified Music Together Instructor. Chaya spends her working hours teaching the Principles of Innate Health in  private coaching sessions (in person or via skype or phone), giving seminars and in speaking engagements. She spends her non-working hours training for her next half marathon or triathlon and enjoying life with her husband Seth, their five children, and their Portuguese Water Dog, Bella.
They live in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

You may contact Chaya at chayaparkoffcoaching@gmail.com
or 972.740.6306 to schedule a session.

"Chaya,  your powerful questions during our coaching sessions helped me to clarify my values and where I needed to go with my career. It was clear to me that you were listening with your heart as you kept me in touch with my values. You kept me focused on what I wanted to change in my life and the steps necessary to achieve that change. Most remarkable were the “ahas” that I discovered through your loving guidance. "                                                                                                                                                                                   A.M., Los Angeles

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